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{May 2, 2012}   Last week of class

I’m so happy we are in the final week of class. With the weather warming up and the sun shining it is hard to stay inside plugging away at projects.

I still need to have my final project meeting with Dr Park and attend two more days of classes. Since unfortunately my meeting last night had to be rescheduled due to connection
issues. I really wish that Dr Park had giving me a chance to diagnose the trouble as it would be nice to be finished.

On the plus side though my beta site is up and running again since last week. I just wish I had time to add some more things to it this week before presenting it to the council. I think it could use a survey feedback survey monkey. As it would be a great tool to use as the site develops. Eventually though…..

Need to finish recording a seminar then off to class.

I’ve learned a lot this semester and I look forward to learning more next semester.



{April 27, 2012}   Final Project Presentation

I still can’t believe my luck that my website host would go down 10min before I was to present. But, it is now back up and it appears that no information or data was lost. In the future I will tape my whole presentation prior just encase the website goes down unexpectedly.


{April 24, 2012}   Final Project Website

Been working hard at putting the final touches on my final project website. I was upset to learn that I could not convert my PowerPoint with embedded SWF video file to a mov or mpg or anything the like. So for now it is just a automated PowerPoint slide show, but if I get the chance I will work on it some more. On the bright side I was able to create a PDF people can download and use to create their own garden. Going to do some more finishing work tonight, including posting an information video on how to use the website and a poll to get user feedback on the website. I think this will be helpful as there are a number of people who are not websavy in the neighborhood. These two tools will allow me to engage the user a bit, by offering assistance. They will also provide valuable feedback on what information could be added or deleted.

If you would like to check it out the URL for the staging site is I’m unable to posts to the neighborhood’s official URL until the board approves the new site. It has been quite the challenge creating a new community site, while being responsible for maintaining the current site. But, once this new one is up life will be much easier.

Looking forward to seeing other people’s final projects this Thursday.


{April 17, 2012}   One Month to Go

Working hard to get my final project done. I have so many things going on right now that it is hard to spent the whole night after work on my project. Luckily the WordPress interface is working while and is not requiring as much time for website creation as Dreamweaver would have. Though I did spent an unfortunate 3hrs trying to cut down the file size of a photo while still keeping it the correct size. I also need to figure out how I can attach documents as I have 3 community newsletters to post on the site in addition to the council by laws. Though over all I’m pleased with the design and I think after I add my instructional videos and an interactive garden assignment that the site while be near complete.

Still find it upsetting that I missed the Second Life discussion due to connection problems. Over all my own experience with Second Life was not positive, but I could still see how it could be useful if you had a group of people you planned to meet there. Not having anyone to meet or any specific destination or goal made it frustrating as I really was not sure what I wanted to do. And the only regulars in Second Life appeared rather creepy one even harassed me and I think virtually hit me.

I still need to find time to watch the recording of class for the half of class I missed. Hopefully I can get to that tonight.


I have my final project to creat a webpage for the council with web based instructional technologies incorporated. Two pages r done and I will begin work on the instructional videos this weekend.
I also created my sevondlife person. My time in secondlife was interesting though things took awhile to load so I was not able to do much & the one person who talked to me harassed me about not responding quiek enough.

{April 5, 2012}   Video Editing

Just spent half the day editing a vidio for work. The upload and saving to a media file took over 2hrs and I’m working on a fairly new pc crazy. But, with any luck EEBs first hour long seminar will be on the web. The hope is the grad students and faculty will enjoy being able to attend at their conceive.


{April 3, 2012}   Need to GET STARTED

I really need to get started on my final project. But, these past few, days, weeks seem to just be flying by. For my final project I plan to overhaul the website I manage for my NE Minneapolis Neighborhood of Beltrami. The current site was created using google sites, which is not a very ‘useful’ platform and has required me to revert to my HTML skills more then once just to get by. When I’m finished my plan is to have the new site be jam-packed with resources and information on the many neighborhood issues and projects. It will also include an instructional video, which I’m working on for IM555 on the basics of gardening.

Thanks to donation from a community member I will also be able to setup the site on a remote server and design the site using a WordPress website interface. Apparently using interfaces such as pay for WordPress is the wave of the future. Even one of the major design firms here in the cities has dropped use of CS5 Dreamweaver in favor of an interface they created internal with many functions similar to the WordPress press interface.

So all that remains is for me to get started.


So I’ve already worked out how to email an update to my blog and how to create a podcast by ‘calling’ my blog and justĀ  now I’ve figured out how to update via an Android app. So three awesome and convenient methods for updating a blog.
I will say typing from a smart phone is not easy as the textbox and key limitations (ie their size etc) make long messages hard. Still the ability to do so is useful for short updates while on the run.
If my finial project is approved I will be interest to learn if once the site is created I can post updates via my phone. I just heard from a designer in the field that dreamweaver and the like are being phased out by many design groups in favor of platforms such as the WordPress paid version. And thanks to a donation from a community member I now have access to a cloud server and a paid WordPress platform I can use for the Beltrami neighborhood site I’m the web master of. So if approved I will be
transfering, updating & enhanceing the site with this WordPress platform whibch still translates to base html code. So if approved this project will be useful for my community and a great wen 2.0 development for myself.
While that is enough for now typing via phone is not easy to say the least, sorry for any errors they are hard to catch in this small app world.


I really enjoyed everyone’s presentations last night. Sarah’s video was very entertaining, well done and informative. It is easy to forget that online schools need libraries too. It was wonderful to hear about the MPLS’s use of Moodle for classes. I hope MPLS will continue to expand the program both for the kids who are a head and behind, as they are the most over looked groups when at teacher is in a physical classroom. It would be interesting to know how many students have complete courses early via the MPLS moodle system, or even graduated early because if it. Sud and Chen Chen provided useful information about online learning.

As we get closer to April I think I need to seriously consider and decide up an idea for my final project. I’ve been thinking of redesigning the Beltrami Community Garden webpage ( Since I am the current webmaster this class would be a great opportunity to make the page more interactive and informative; with a short gardening lesson to help new gardeners plan and maintain their plots for the summer. If that is not a viable option I may consider just writing a research paper, since I will not need design or presentation software for that type of a project.

But, for right now I’m just happy it is the weekend. After presentation preparation in IM555 and podcasting in IM554 I need a mini break before diving into final projects for both courses.


{March 20, 2012}   Audio Post

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